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Looking to reload .355 and 9mm handgun rounds? Shop our wide selection of bullets from brands you trust, like Hornady, Barnes, Speer and more. 29.65 USD. Quick Overview. 6mm 95 Grain Ballistic Silvertip (50ct).May 06, 2019 · PB45HS230 / 451 cal. 230-grain, 50-count / $18.95 I think this is a good move for Federal. It opens up a whole new market for the Hydra-Shok and is unlikely to have much (if any) negative effect on sales of factory Hydra-Shok ammunition.

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Bullet Name Diameter inches Weight grains Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients .355 dia. (9mm) 95 gr. FMJ .355 95 .108 .0935 @ 1200 fps and above .1075 between 1200 and 1000 fps .116 between 1000 and 800 fps .110 @ 800 fps and below * 100 Bullet Pack

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Sierra .30 Cal 7.62mm 150 Gr. HPBT Match Bullets MatchKings are the pride of the Sierra bullet family, unmatched worldwide and truly world class in all respects. Competitive shooters have relied on the consistent accuracy of Sierra'sMatchKings for decades, resulting in a history of state, national and world records that is the envy of our competitors. Originally designed and developed for 300 ...

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9mm (.355") 95gr Tournament Master FMJ 100/Box. Sports Master® handgun bullets are engineered to provide consistent, reliable expansion over a wide range of velocities. Sierra has added a serrated "Power Jacket" on hollow cavity and hollow point bullets.Recommended for you. T500 Series 5 Smart Watch With Replaceable Strap - 44mm Black. AED 41.95.

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The bullet design that’s defined self-defense for a generation is now available as a component ... 100-count 6-04544-64792-1 $30.95 PB9HS124 355 cal. 124-grain, 100 ...

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Speer Ammo. Speer 4001 TMJ 9mm .355 95 gr Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) 100 Per Box. Item : 29650. SKU : 4001. Model : TMJ. UPC : 076683040015 The original Soviet M43 bullets are 123 grain boat-tail bullets with a copper-plated steel jacket, a large steel core, and some According to the official C.I.P. (French: Commission Internationale Permanente pour l'Epreuve des Armes à Feu Portatives) rulings the 7.62×39mm can handle up to 355.00 MPa (51...Sierra .224" Diam, 95 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point Match Box of 100, stock #1396. $30.00 Shipped to Lower 48. Has been opened but none used, still contains 100. One (1) Available.

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SKU CARTRIDGE BULLET WEIGHT (Grs.) ROUNDS PER BOX AVG. WT/CASE BOXES PER CASE INDEX; 29162: 17 Remington: AccuTip: 20: 20: 5: 10: PRA17RA: 29162: 17 Remington ... - 7" Special for VLD bullets over 100 gr. - 7.5" * Ratchet rifled 4 groove - 8" Special for VLD bullets over 100 gr. - 8" * Ratchet rifled 4 groove - 10" For bullets up to 95 gr. and VLD under 100 gr. - 12" for bullets up to 85 gr. - 13" * for bullets up to 75 gr. - 13.5" * for bullets up to 70 gr. - 14" * for bullets up to 70 gr.

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The .510 Match BoreRider 808 Grain is the bullet used by Mark Avakian to set the current .510 BMG World Record 1,000 yard Aggregate of 5.8229 inches. Maybe you are the next record holder? The front etching band diameter is 0.5023 and the rear driving band diameter is 0.5105.

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Barnes bullets barnes tac-x pistol bullets. Barnes .355" 95 gr. Barnes Military/Law enforcement tactical lineup includes RRLP rifle bullets, all-copper TAC-X rifle bullets, 50 BMG TAC-LR long range bullets, and TAC-XP pistol bullets.We are proud to launch the Brazos Bullet Company Winners Circle program, beginning with NRA Precision Pistol (Bullseye). This program is intended to directly reward people that shoot our bullets and win Bullseye matches on the Local, State, Regional and National levels, with the National, Regional & State levels of the program including cash prizes! All bullets are cast with 92-6-2 alloy then coated with HiTek coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet as it cures. This process completely encapsulates the bullet. Benefits include: 1) Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling. 2) Less smoke as associated with traditional wax lubed bullets. 3) Range ...

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Bullet Name Diameter inches Weight grains Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients .355 dia. (9mm) 95 gr. FMJ .355 95 .108 .0935 @ 1200 fps and above .1075 between 1200 and 1000 fps .116 between 1000 and 800 fps .110 @ 800 fps and below * 100 Bullet Pack Visit X-Reload's large choice of great Handgun Bullets in our Bullets category. Visit our website now! ... Bullet - 9MM(.355) ... 95 gr. 2 items; 100 gr ...

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.38 Special Double Based Wad Cutter - .358 Diameter - 148 Grain Lead Cast Bullet. Double Based Bullet, Full Wad Cutter: Most popular diameter is .358, can also be made in .355, .356 .. $24.17 Ex Tax: $22.95 encapsulated bullet envy ... 355 366 600 ... 95 grain full metal jacket (fmj) 50 rounds. out of stock

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The 66 grain bullet made by PMC is not recommended. Also avoid the Remington 95 grain +P SJHP (R38S1) due to inadequate penetration. The 9mm Luger is considered the best self-defense pistol to use with Cor-Bon 9mm 115 grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point bullets.Download drivers for NVIDIA products including GeForce graphics cards, nForce motherboards, Quadro workstations, and more. Update your graphics card drivers today.

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Sierra GameKing Rifle Bullets - 6mm - 85 Grain - 100 Rounds SKU: 126397. Click to display additional attributes for the product Sierra GameKing Rifle Bullets - .25 ... • Proven self-defense bullet design now available as a component for reloading • Superb accuracy and overall ballistic performance • Notched copper jacket • Center-post hollow-point design provides reliable expansion Part No. / Description / MSRP PB38HS129 / 357 cal. 129-grain, 100-count / $30.95 PB9HS124 / 355 cal. 124-grain, 100-count ...

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Winchester Ammo WB9MC115 Centerfire Handgun 9mm .355 115 GR Full Metal Jacket Hollow Base 100 Box ... Winchester Ammo WB380MC95 Centerfire Handgun 380 Caliber .356 95 ... Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses .355 inch diameter bullets. The main design criterion for these bullets was reliable feeding in semi-auto handguns, and they achieve that to perfection. The 95 grain #8105 bullet, first introduced as a roundnose FMJ in 1983, was changed to its current shape in 1984.

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GRAIN/WETH.Description. Brand new for June of 2018, introducing the all new .380 95 Gr. FMJ bullet from Rocky Mountain Reloading! Made right here at our factory in Lewiston, Idaho, these bullets are perfect for your .380 or for lightning-fast 9mm or .357 sig rounds!